How Can VSAN Benefit Your Business?

A virtual storage area network or vSAN is a software defined storage solution that combines direct storage devices to create a virtualized system which makes a shared data area available to an entire enterprise network. VSAN users can decide which storage requirements, performance, and availability conditions should apply to this data pool – and the SAN software configuration and administration panel will enforce any policies put in place to define and govern these conditions.

Virtual SAN or vSAN can benefit business IT users in a number of different ways, including:

Simplifying Hardware Requirements

VSANs are largely hardware-agnostic. If your hypervisor (the process that creates and runs virtual machines) recognizes and supports the storage hardware, the VSAN can use it. So a VSAN may be deployed on both your existing hardware, and any newly purchased equipment. This enables businesses to create an enterprise-wide virtualized storage environment with commodity hardware that’s independent of a particular vendor.

Simplifying Administration

As a software defined storage (SDS) solution, vSANs are routinely managed and monitored using software. This relieves system administrators of the burden of having to troubleshoot a load of disparate hardware. And since the vSAN administration software typically takes the form of a user-friendly dashboard, non-technical business users can make sense of it, too.

Making Your Business More Agile And Future-Proof

A virtual SAN storage solution brings together multiple nodes, to create pools of shared storage and computing resources. Such an IT framework which combines storage, computing, and networking into a single system is known as a hyperconverged infrastructure or HCI.

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